Rare Bee’s Knees

The perfect balance between intense and fresh. Its notes of honey and almond give density and depth on the palate without smothering GINRAW’s own notes, while ginger and lemon juice lend a hint of freshness that balances this cocktail perfectly.

50 ml GINRAW / 30 ml honey syrup / A bit of ginger and almond / 20 ml lemon juice / Twist of lemon / Obulato with lemon zest, almond, honey, candied ginger and GINRAW.

Blend the GINRAW, syrup, ginger and the almond together with ice. Strain twice into a tall, thin, previously chilled wine-tasting glass. Add a twist of lemon, and discard the rind. Decorate with an obulato previously moistened with GINRAW covered in lemon zest, chopped almond, dehydrated honey and candied ginger.

By Javier Caballero

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